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Client Testimonials

I get a consistent level of excellent customer service from each and every person I contact at UMS - They are always polite, helpful, efficient, and prompt. I can always count on my questions being answered… Thank you for such an excellent experience time and time again!"
Denver Public Library

Our relationship with Unique Management Services has been great! Their "unique" approach to library collections has resulted in increased revenues to the Library System as well as the return of many long overdue items to our collection. We appreciate their help!"
Salt Lake County (UT) Library System

We have been so happy with the service provided by your company. I can't tell you how easy it has been. There are never any technical problems at your end so we only have to worry about our end. Can't thank you enough."
Poudre River Public Library District

I am very satisfied with the service. It has been a real boost for our library system. It has been so helpful to get materials returned! And in tight budget years it proves our accountability to the public. Thanks a million."
Charles County (MD) Public Library

What can I say... I have been more than pleased with the working relationship and service provided I've enjoyed with UMS staff for more than nine years. Keep Up The Great Job!"
Chemeketa Cooperative Regional Library System

Unique's system has freed my time to handle other library duties, and I still have control over each account, which I had thought for sure I'd lose."
Rochester Hills (Mich.) Public Library

I really appreciate Unique's level of service and commitment. Believe them when they say they will be available to work with you to make this process work for your library."
Fullerton (CA) Public Library

The most successful part of this arrangement is that we regard Unique as partners, not as agents working on our behalf and that feeling seems to be reciprocated. So the service we receive is pleasant, efficient, understanding, and best of all it seems to be run by friends."
Greenwich, England

I wanted to let you know that a customer called today about their account. Towards the end of our conversation she told me that the person who called her had the kindest, nicest manner and voice, especially for someone who was trying to collect money from her. The customer said she felt like calling the person back just to listen to their voice. I am not certain how often you receive these kinds of compliments but I thought it might make someone's day. It certainly put a smile on my face to have a customer call who was so complimentary."
San Diego County (CA) Library

....Whoever is designing and managing our monthly reports is doing a SUPER job! We greatly appreciate receiving the various data in such useable format. THANK YOU."
Chemeketa Cooperative Regional Library System

Unique has been great to MCPL. I cannot speak highly enough of ... the Unique staff and all their help getting us started and continuing to assist us with a variety of things. The people that answer the phone are always professional and friendly and always let you know if the person is there or on the phone. Libraries work with many vendors and Unique is the most professional, customer service oriented and helpful organization I have had the pleasure to work with. Unique truly understands the public library's mission."
Montgomery County (MD) Public Libraries

I still find the same excellent service now that I found when I began working with Unique in 1997."
Cedar Rapids Public Library

Starting with Unique is absolutely one of the best decisions we ever made."
Alamance County Public Libraries

We have found our relationship with UMS to be both comfortable and beneficial over the years. Thank you for the service and support."
Houston Public Library

We appreciate your fine service. Let me take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to your organization."
Kansas City (MO) Public Library
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