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Material Recovery

Unique Management Services, Inc. (UMS), Library Division, is first and foremost a Material Recovery Agency. We apply the Gentle Nudge® process to effectively and courteously prompt patrons to return long-overdue materials to the library and resolve outstanding fines/fees. We understand that long-overdue items quickly add up to tremendous costs for libraries. Therefore, our recovery methods are tailored for accounts owing balances of $25 or more.

The Gentle Nudge® process is a 120-day series of letters, calls, skip tracing, and credit reporting designed exclusively for libraries. Our careful use of third party leverage, coupled with an awareness of patron sensitivity, provides excellent results with no loss of patron goodwill.

Unlike traditional collection agencies, our Gentle Nudge® material recovery system is also designed to track and report material returned, as well as cash received. UMS clients may essentially manage and audit the entire material recovery process if they so choose. Service for all clients includes complimentary monthly reports, custom reports upon request, staff training, real-time access to patron accounts via the InfoLink website, and professional customer and technical support.

Moreover, when libraries meet certain specifications, we guarantee that we can help the library recover monies sufficient to pay the cost of our service. In other words, our service can be budget-neutral. To qualify for this guarantee, a library must meet certain minimum requirements that are often already in place. Please contact us for additional details.

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