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Testimonials – Media

"Bringing Back Those Books: This Collection Agency Does Fine Work-Rounding Up Recalcitrant Library Users,"The Wall Street Journal
"The Book Stops Here: Latteland's Oh-So-Polite Librarians Find Themselves In A Bind: Having To Get Tough On Overdue Titles,"The Seattle Times
"Steel Library Card In Velvet Glove,"The New York Times
So far, Lee County’s residents have been supportive of the library’s new strategy, Leavy said. "When people realize it’s their tax dollars we’re trying to protect, they haven’t objected at all," she said. "When people keep things, it denies someone else access." MSNBC
"With an iron fist in a velvet glove, chasing library scofflaws,"Buffalo News
"A library concept that's overdue? Some systems are turning to a collection agency to retrieve material.,"Star-Ledger
"Libraries Try Pros To Get Back Prose,"The Baltimore Sun
"Firm Turns New Page In Debt Collections,"The Indianapolis Star
"Library Opts To Hook Patrons, Not Book 'Em,"Saint Petersburg Times
"Shelving Tradition, Librarians Try New Ways To Battle Book Thieves,"The Virginian-Pilot
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