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What makes us Unique?

At Unique Management Services, Inc. (UMS), Library Division, we are first and foremost a Material Recovery Agency working exclusively with libraries.  This defines what we do, and how we deliver our services to over 1,400 library clients.

In the early days of UMS’s development, founders Lyle Stucki and Charles Gary spent time interviewing library staff to better understand their specific recovery needs.  Mr. Stucki and Mr. Gary quickly learned that there were four basic elements to consider: 

Patron-Friendly.  Libraries need a service that is patron friendly.  Libraries exist to provide an important community service, and in turn depend on community support to function.  Therefore, UMS developed the Gentle Nudge® process, which is effective, yet gentle enough to maintain patron goodwill.

Material Recovery.   Libraries are most benefited by recovering materials.  Library items are typically more costly and time-consuming to replace, and cash payment for items may not fully reimburse the library for the effort.  Our contacts prompt the return of long overdue items and payment of fines and fees.

Staff-Friendly.  Library staff has very little time to expend on material recovery and would rather use that time providing assistance to patrons, running programs, or performing other necessary duties.  UMS is the only recovery agency with established strategic partnerships with the foremost library software vendors.  These vendors have developed software modules, or reports, that work with UMS processes in an automated fashion.  This eliminates time-consuming manual work for library staff and greatly improves account accuracy.

Budget-Friendly. UMS understands the budget constraints libraries face.  To libraries agreeing to use our service as recommended, we offer a Budget Neutral Guarantee.  We agree that we will bring in more in cash and waives than we charge for our services, thus alleviating the budgetary demands for material recovery.

Through years of providing material recovery services to libraries, UMS has never lost sight of these basic elements.  Today, we still hold true to a service that is patron-, staff-, and budget-friendly and focuses on communication that encourages patrons to utilize libraries responsibly.

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